MakersCafe, London

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MakersCafe, London

Today the London team took a few minutes out of our busy schedule to check out a café, which we have been hearing rumours about in Shoreditch, a 3D printing café called MakersCafe. Naturally, we will take any opportunity to grab a really good quality coffee in a well thought out interior space, however MakersCafe […]

Retail technology: enhancing experience

Across the globe, we are seeing the growing trend of integrating technology into the service offering within shopping malls, stores and casual dining destinations.  The debate at Design Clarity is whether the technology is actually benefiting the customer journey or not. We see best practice and questionable practice from Australia to the UK, here are some examples. […]

London Design Festival 2014

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London Design Festival 2014

It’s that time of year which we have been eagerly awaiting here at Design Clarity. Now in it’s 12th year, and after the success of London Design Week last year, the design team in our London studio went to check out world-renowned design destinations Super Brands & Tent, and Design Junction held last week. Now […]

What’s new in the world of interior design for retail brands?

Creating interior design for many retail industries such as hospitality, finance, fashion and homewares there are still many consistent trends that are appearing. It is now more and more important for the customer to have a fully-integrated brand retail experience as part of their purchasing process. It doesn’t matter if they are in a restaurant, […]

Bonds – New Concept Design Challenge Answered

In November 2013 Design Clarity met with key Bonds stakeholders at Pac Brands to talk through how to we could together make the Bonds store design more operationally efficient, more cost-effective, and allow a stronger emotional connection with the customer. What the Bonds team called generation V3.0. We were tasked to take customers on a […]

Romita Comedor | Mexico City

Alex from our Sydney studio has just come back from Mexico with more than just a tan but some awesome photos from his trip that we will share with you soon! In the interim here is Romita Comedor, one of his favourite places on his venue hit-list, not only for it’s fabulous menu but for […]

Cloud Forest | Singapore

On the way back from visiting the London Studio our Director stopped off in Singapore and visited this fascinating Urban forest. The photos don’t do the space justice apparently, even though they are pretty spectacular! I guess this is an immersive sensory experience that can only be truly enjoyed by physically being there. This photo […]

Running Bare –  Made in the 80’s

Running Bare stretches the definition of fast fashion. A retail brand that is proudly Australian, born in Bondi Beach in 1983 (check this?), and still has the majority of product lines designed and made locally in Oz.
Design Clarity’s new store design direction communicates Running Bare’s confident style and attitude.

Paper Art | Anna Trundle

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Paper Art | Anna Trundle

In/Out is a sculptural paper-folding artwork with projection-mapped animation. ‘In like a lion, out like a lamb’  The work consists of initial designs in Adobe Illustrator, 3D graphics in Google SketchUp, animation in Adobe After Effects and the sculptural piece constructed of 300gsm card (final piece measures approx 0.6m x 0.7m). In/Out was exhibited at Launch 2013 – an exhibition […]