NRMA Roll-Out | Australia

New Retail Model for IAG

We have partnered with IAG to rethink the existing NRMA retail branch network model.

Design Clarity began by conducting a comprehensive retail analysis. We reviewed NRMA data and branches, then comparatively appraised against a backdrop of mega-trend analysis. Leveraging findings from the retail analysis, Design Clarity and NRMA have reimagined the organisation’s retail branch network and service delivery.

Design Clarity has worked extensively with NRMA clients to thoroughly understand their service preferences and needs. While clients
relish the many conveniences of digital transactions, there is no substitute for face-to-face engagement with NRMA staff.

Design Clarity has reimagined NRMA store design to deliver streamlined way-finding and a consistent client experience. Clear compelling branding, displays and host staff deliver a clear roadmap for each individual client journey. Not only does this help ensure specific personalised needs are satisfied but a smart intuitive client journey helps reinforce NRMA’s brand premium.