Danielle’s Trip Design Tip Part Two: Lisbon

As a continuation to design tip in Hong Kong, our Sydney peer Danielle dropped the anchor in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal. A city with an incredible old-worldly charm but buzzing with fresh creative vibe and sources of design inspiration at every corner. Being one of the most thorough trip organisers and always on the search for […]

Wines of the World  Label Designs by Lavernia & Cienfuegos

We’ve recently come across this wonderful wine label range designed by spanish agency Lavernia & Cienfuegos. This is a range of wines that Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize offers within its own brand “365”, which includes simple, everyday products at affordable prices. The cork is a sign of humility, an object of little value, often used as […]

Danielle’s Trip Design Tip Part One: Hong Kong

Sydney team member Danielle just came back to our studio after an adventurous and impression-filled trip to Europe! She travelled for a few weeks through Portugal, Italy, Spain and finally enjoyed some time in her all-time favourite destination: Mykonos in Greece. Before reaching Europe though, she took the chance of a stop-over in Hong Kong. […]

The best light graffiti you’ve ever seen!

Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, one of the world’s great display gardens, has commissioned UK light artist Bruce Munro to present a debut, garden-wide exhibition, which will be shown from June 9th to September 29th. This is Munro’s first garden installation in the US and will showcase never-before-seen views of Longwood at night. Light features seven […]

LEGO Forest

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LEGO Forest

Broken Hill in New South Wales recently woke up to a surprise, with a life-sized LEGO Forest rising from the red soil to create a colourful contrast against the vibrant landscape. The concept for the forest was developed by One Green Bean and Host Sydney, and was designed by Rocket Science. Appearing in Broken Hill […]

Pantone Tarts by Emilie de Griottes

For a special feature in French culinary magazine FRICOTE, French food designer Emilie de Griottes developed dessert tarts that recreate pantone colour swatches. Berries, carrots, lemon, candies, and other foods are arranged upon a tart base, whose bottom is iced in white and marked with the pantone colour represented. recipes for making the tarts are […]

Lolita Cafe Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Today we wanted to bring your attention to an interesting interior from Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana). Designed by Trije Arhitekti, Lolita Cafe was completed in 2011, and this year it was nominated for Best International Interior in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. The flirty feminine aesthetic which is nicely balanced with a muted palette and bold accents of black […]

Honor & Folly Bed and Breakfast

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Honor & Folly Bed and Breakfast

When Meghan McEwen – the founder of beautiful design-travel blog Designtripper – decided to open up her own B&B, there was only ever really going to be one outcome. It’s exactly the sort of homely, neighbourhoody, unpretentious, design focussed little place that you’d have expected to see on the blog’s pages. “Designtripper explores the intersection […]

Bringing a new vision to Bankwest’s Happy Banking.

At the recently completed state-of-the-art Perth Flagship Store, Design Clarity introduced a streetscape concept for the next generation in Bankwest retail presentation.
The client requested a new innovative concept stemming from our original East Coast model. This step-change in the design evolution had to ensure Bankwest stays true to their vision “to be the best value, most innovative and approachable bank in Australia…”